Executive Team

Barbara Keating, President and Founder of Computer Frontiers

President and Founder of Computer Frontiers, Inc., Ms. Keating has 25 years of experience working Africa, bringing innovation and technology solutions to the most remote parts of the continent. She is dedicated to providing effective communication services in limited infrastructure environments and adapting technology to improve performance for government agencies, NGO programs and private companies. Greatly inspired by her Peace Corps experience, Ms. Keating believes that aid delivered with a focus on trade has far greater potential to yield significant sustainable economic and social growth in developing countries, than aid alone.

Early in her career, Ms. Keating worked for several companies that partnered with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in support of various United States government initiatives. During this time, she played a pivotal role in introducing electronic communications linking seven southern African countries in the pre-Internet era. This project served as a catalyst for Ms. Keating to become the lead-author of a research paper, which later became the Leland Initiative Project, recommending actions related to policy, infrastructure, private sector development, and end-user training that would facilitate the continued expansion of the Internet throughout Africa.

Ms. Keating is recognized as a leader in providing the private sector with cost-effective solutions throughout Africa and other regions around the globe. She established the first US/Uganda private partnership in 2000. Ms. Keating holds Master of International Business Management degree from Thunderbird.

 Abdul Basit, Chief Information Officer

Abdul Basit

Abdul Basit brings more than 25 years of experience in ICT management to CFI and has used this knowledge to implement a number of successful initiatives to improve services and expand solutions for CFI’s clients. His experience in software development, call center management, installation and customized application solutions for the deployment and customer service has proven invaluable in supporting CFI’s call centers in Africa (Nigeria, Senegal and Togo). Throughout his career he has worked with many businesses and gained broad experiences with business processes, accounting systems and Information technology. He has also authored AccuPlan – a project planning and management software.

Prior to working with CFI, Mr. Basit held positions with Verizon, Systems Specialist Inc. and i-ssis, Inc. Mr. Basit is a graduate of University of Peshawer in Aeronautics. Mr. Basit has been instrumental in examining technologies and applications and adapting them to the needs of our clients.

Nancy Wallace

Nancy Wallace, Vice President of Innovation and Strategy

Ms. Wallace has more than 20 years of hands on experience working in over 35 countries has developed in-depth knowledge of business practices in regions worldwide, extensive experience of market development activities, and expertise in project design and management. Her range of experiences has included work in economic impact, market analysis, training, site selection, permits, licensing and certification, immigration procedures, financial incentives, technology and manufacturing support.

Ms. Wallace has held a variety of position in private sector companies, NGOs and government agencies. These included High Street Partners’, Inc., Director of International Operations for the state of Maryland, and Stanley Associates, Inc. Most recently, on special assignment from Computer Frontiers, Ms. Wallace served as Country Director for Women’s Campaign International for Liberia where she establish their office and implemented a multi-million dollar project to provide business and leadership. She has proven her ability to work effectively in multi-cultural environments, manage diverse staff and meet financial goals that benefited CFG.

Tanya Barden, Director of Quality Assurance & Monitoring

Tanya Barden

Before joining Computer Frontiers at the beginning of 2012, Tanya Barden first contributed to CFI’s efforts in Africa in 2005-2006. At that time, Tanya Barden served as the VP of Technology Planning and Improvement at Thomson Financial / Thomson Reuters for three years. Prior to that role, she served as the Director of Quality Assurance of the Wealth Management division at Thomson Reuters for ten years. In her long and successful carrier at Thomson Reuters, she worked for the Chief Technology Officer of the organization and was instrumental in leading onshore and offshore project teams and delivering successfully on numerous critical and high-visibility technical projects.

For the past five years Tanya Barden also served at Bank of America in New York City as VP and Program Management Officer of the Global Commercial Credit and Back Office Technologies offices where she lead multiple projects and teams in banking regulatory compliance and quality assurance programs.

James Leach, Program Director Healthcare Initiatives

Mr. Leach oversees CFI’s support for the health care industry. Over the past fifteen (15) years, James Leach has managed technical support contracts and training for the Health Care Financing Administration, Social Security Administration, and the California Department of Health. He has tremendous experience analyzing international requirements and formulated plans and policies and has negotiated agreements with international firms on behalf of domestic businesses. This has provided him with extensive international relations experience with the U.S. government and private industry. As a member of Health Level Seven (HL7) for over 12 years, founding Co-Chair, HL7 International Mentoring Committee, he has had executive oversight of the mental testing and medical evaluation of applicants for entry into the armed forces.

James Leach has earned degrees from Michigan State University and University of Southern California. In addition has received certificates from the National Defense University. He has specialized training in: Health Care Electronic Data Interchange, Total Quality Management, Computer technology, Federal Procurement, Media Relations, Negotiating, and Industrial Security.