Quality Improvement Services

Providing Worldwide QA and IT Solutions and Services

Computer Frontiers can meet all of your business needs. Whether you want to reduce costs, increase revenue, or improve customer satisfaction. We can help you meet your business goals through evaluation, monitoring, and quality improvement services.

Our proprietary software evaluates telephone, email, and chat interactions to provide executive teams with the measurable data they need to make important business decisions.

Our team of experienced professionals provides your organization with accurate and timely evaluations based on your criteria specific. You’ll receive the analysis you need to improve your business process and increase your customer satisfaction rating.

We offer Business Process Analysis and Quality Improvement Services that can help you achieve excellence in all aspects of customer experience, employee satisfaction, and sales performance. We can help you:

  • Evaluate and Formulate a Customer Service Strategy – We’ll help you create a customer service strategy that enhances your marketing and operations strategy.
  • Call Center Performance Improvement – Computer Frontiers will help improve your call center’s overall performance to make sure you’re providing the same high standard of service across multiple channels.
  • Improve Sales Effectiveness – We can help you analyze your company’s sales numbers to figure out why they’re not improving.
  • Connect Service Performance, Internal Metrics, and Financial Performance – Computer Frontiers can build a comprehensive analytical platform to quantify the impact of improved customer service on your internal metrics, financial performance, and customer loyalty.
  • Marketing, Post-Launch, Offer Design Testing & Analytics – Before your company tests a new product, price changes or marketing offers, we can help ensure you capture all the key elements of a successful market test.
  • Call Flow & Talk Time Analytics – Computer Frontiers will analyze your calls and measure the effectiveness of individual call elements. We’ll redesign call flow to help you achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Comprehensive Complaint/Comment Analytics – Get a detailed look at customer complaints and comments and learn how to identify changes that are necessary to your business growth.
  • Facilitate Monthly Executive Advocacy Meetings – Computer Frontiers can facilitate monthly meetings to communicate results of operational specifics to your executive management team.