Contact Center Quality Assurance & Training

 Call Centers in Frederick, MD

Quality Assurance is a cornerstone to any successful business and requires strong analytical capabilities to effectively design and manage appropriate quality assurance plans. CFI’s quality assurance team relies on multiple tools and methodologies.

Our team works with call centers to help them analyze and improve their quality goals. We utilize various methods and tools to formulate strategies for overall quality of service improvements in their interactions with customers.

Quality Improvement Methodologies

Computer Frontiers provides a premier quality management service for both U.S. and international companies and organizations. We offer third-party quality monitoring, customer satisfaction surveys, web-based analytics, scorecards, focus groups, contact center consulting, coaching & training, and call monitoring solutions that give our clients a competitive advantage while improving service and reducing the cost of quality assurance management.

Call center quality improvement methodologies require very specialized expertise to analyze current and historical data using various analytical tools to accurately predict trends and suggest operational changes to change your company’s future customer satisfaction rating.

Training Methodologies

Training is an important component of any Quality Assurance program. CFI uses multiple training techniques and methodologies to effectively train staff and management. We are committed to providing the best training methodologies to ensure quality results every time. We utilize traditional methods–classroom, independent study, and individual assistance—as well as develop training materials using web-based self-paced modules with live support services. CFI designs training to address the diverse  learning styles and includes testing and a refresher module to ensure every learner succeeds and applies the new knowledge they’ve learned.

Business Process Quality Improvement

CFI’s team has extensive experience providing multi-country, cross-sector, and multi-sector evaluations over a spectrum of requirements. We are experts on devising frameworks for evaluation, including indicator development, timelines, data collection and dissemination strategies and methods. We understand that evaluation is a key component to ensuring quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of any program whether it’s implemented in the USA or abroad. Based in the statistical and scientific methods of the social sciences, our evaluation process is deeply ingrained in our own project management methodology.

Services and Solutions

CFI incorporates rapidly changing technology to provide improved customer service and communication avenues to support our clients. We focus on providing Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) ensuring all customer contact channels, efficient interoperability, tailored configurations, seamless connectivity, failure resistant design, comprehensive monitoring, customizable reports, multiple payment options, trouble ticket system integration options and most important, high return on investment.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Management is core to all of our services and solutions. Both internal and external SOP management is critical to success. CFI’s SOP Management approach provides our clients with consistent and accurate information and management tools to meet their goals and objectives. By providing clear, concise information to our clients, they are able to ensure high quality and accurate delivery of services.