Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Providing a self-guided, easy-to-understand self-service IVR solution.

Provide an automated way for your customers to get information and help they need through Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Nothing is more potentially damaging to your business than for your customer to be lost in telephone limbo without an easy way out. A self-guided, easy-to-understand self-service IVR system is your answer.

Computer Frontiers gives you the best of both worlds with its IVR services. We can act as your primary IVR provider or as overflow/peak demand backup to your in-house programs.

Use our IVR applications for:

  • Qualifying Leads (inbound)
  • Automated Surveys (outbound)
  • Customer Help Line
  • Virtual Agents
  • Name, Address, City, State, Zip Lookup
  • Call Recording
  • Pre-Announcements
  • Network Queuing–Spike Handler
  • Priority Routing
  • Service Level Alerts
  • New Services Announcements
  • Customer Account Inquiries
  • Service Status
  • Call Routing
  • Speech Recognition
  • Custome On-Hold Marketing
  • Broadcast Messaging (Robo-Calling)
  • Automated Attendant
  • Disaster Recovery (Backup IVR)
  • Take-back and Transfer
  • Integrated IVR (with CRM/workforce management)

IVR Options


Improve your customers’ experience with a hosted IVR solution. We provide a scalable, flexible IVR platform that gives you the ability to direct calls according to customer need and agent availability.


Improve customer satisfaction with our network-based, self-help IVR application that provides menu routing, database routing, call processing, and links to custom applications.


Simplify application management with on-demand IVR, a cloud-based application that allows you to develop cost-effective, quick call-routing applications.