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Call Centers in Frederick, MD

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Contact Center Inbound Call Services

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Trust your customer care to us. When your customers call, they expect to receive a certain quality of service. Our quality contact center agents provide that positive customer experience for you. Whatever industry you’re in—health insurance, legal, quality control, medical services, sales management, mortgage and banking, travel, logistics, documentation—we offer the full range of inbound services that help you increase sales, retain customers, and provide the best service available.

We provide customized reports that provide quantitative data you can use to improve your quality of service and meet all your business objectives. We can provide the following services:

  • Bulk SMS texting & e-mail Notifications—Our agents follow up on your scheduled notifications to customers by sending individual or bulk notifications about service status, upcoming appointments, or information/documentation required.
  • Customer Retention—We can follow up with customers whose service, subscription, or lease is about to expire and offer them the option of renewing or extending their service agreement.
  • Crisis Management—Call agents help you handle any crisis in your service industry–product recalls, customer alerts, or urgent service updates.
  • Fulfillment—Our agents can take orders and route order information to your distribution and supply chain partners to help with inventory and delivery management at any level in the process.
  • Lead Generation—Computer Frontiers creates a call plan to introduce your company and services to new customers and convert those prospects to leads for you.
  • Market Research—Our project managers help you refine questions so the results you get from a survey or poll are statistically valid and provide the information you seek.
  • Outbound Sales—Computer Frontiers works with you to create a script that boosts conversions and revenue from cross-selling and upselling your products/services where possible.
  • Performance Review—Our program managers train, monitor, coach, and provide weekly calibration sessions with contact center staff to ensure they’re delivering the level of service that meets your standards.
  • Quality Assurance—We allow you to monitor and track your customer’s experience with the contact center agent to maintain a high level of service. We also run reporting and analytics to help you improve service quality and customer satisfaction.