Extractive Industries (Oil, Gas, Mining)

Computer Frontiers provides outsourced on-site IT services to global gas, oil, and mining companies. We understand the operational and technological challenges of managing effective operations in hard-to-reach, remote areas that may have minimal IT infrastructures as well as operations in corporate headquarters and retail offices supporting hundreds of users.

We work alongside our clients to quickly setup operations at new sites and integrate them with the global client infrastructure to facilitate efficient communication and data interchange.

On a day-to-day basis, we manage helpdesks, staffing, telecommunications, procurement, project management, business continuity planning, and vendor management for our clients. Our experienced teams can be deployed across continents, working alongside global suppliers and specialized vendors.

Successful delivery and execution of services within the extractive industry requires a unique set of skills, knowhow, and management structure that Computer Frontiers has worked hard to develop over the past sixteen years. Our portfolio includes multi-national global oil and mining companies spanning East and West Africa.